New Goals!

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1000 Patrons – The Kingdom Project

This is a special number for us and so we thought it deserved a special goal.  When we hit this number we’ll be launching a six month Patreon project which will see your Maps of the Month and Third Maps for that period all sit together in one cohesive world. We’ll give you a regional map which our 6 MotMs will appear on and you’ll help us fill in 6 more locations with your Third map ideas. 

By the end of the 6 months, you’ll have (at least) 12 maps and a whole bundle of adventure supplements. You’ll be able to plan adventures in this region, knowing that you have battlemaps for all the main locations and plenty of world-building and adventure resources to support your game.  

And for the opening map of the project? Well, it has to be an Adventurers’ Guild to set your players on their way!

1100 Patrons – a Sci-fi variant map

For those on the Sci-Fi tier we’ll giving you an extra map every month.  This will usually be a variant of your Sci-Fi Map of the Month (although occasionally it might be a variant of something else).

1250 Patrons – Sci-Fi GM Resources

We’ll pack a page with useful resources that GMs can use with their Sci-Fi Map of the Month – story ideas, NPCs, enemies, useful tables.  Get more out of your monthly map with a whole load of ready to go ideas!

1500 Patron – the Wildcard Map

A new fantasy map every month for everyone!  It could be anything! It might have several levels; it might be a giant map; it might be one of your ideas that didn’t win a poll; or it could even be some free variants of a new Drivethru map.

So, when we get to 1500 patrons, if you’re on the $5 tier, you’ll be getting 8 maps a month plus resources to help you make use of them, and if you’re on the $8 tier, you’ll be getting 11 maps a month, plus 3 GM resource pdfs.  

Whichever tier you’re on, as we get more patrons you get more rewards for your monthly pledge. So do spread the word and help us reach these exciting milestones.


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