DC-PoA-ZF01 Undisclosed Ordeals

With the Frostmaiden’s grasp over Icewind Dale crushing spirits and snuffing out hope, the frozen north is a dismal place. No one has answers, and no one can say for sure when Auril’s curse will be lifted, so it’s only to be expected that political devilment seems to have thrived in these times. When a wealthy merchant in Bryn Shander requests help on behalf of a friend, who knows what long hidden secrets they’ll uncover along the way.

A 4-hour adventure for 1st – 5th level characters. It contains mentions of undead, Isolation (ironic in these trying times I know), and some horror elements.

This is an Adventurer’s League legal adventure for the Plague of Ancients Seasonal Campaign, and was written using the Dungeon Craft ruleset. It uses the A Dark Horse story seed.

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