100 Encounters for Fantasy Oceans – Supplement for Zweihander RPG

The sea is a dangerous place and those who regularly sail on it know to treat it with respect. The weather is dangerous and those onboard a ship know they are in a fragile vessel skimming along the top of potentially vast, and hostile, depths. This supplement has 100 different encounters that can be used to add more detail to a sea voyage. Some of the encounters hare potentially hazardous, others are odd and some may be a source of potential adventure hooks. Most of the encounters assume that the characters are travelling in some sort of ship on the ocean’s surface, but they could be tweaked.

This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.

Here are some sample results:

  • Parts of the sea appear to have been netted off. Rope nets stretch from the floor to the surface, held in place at the top by floats.
  • Patches of burning oil dot the surface of the water, and have the potential to set the ship on fire if sailed through (a (Routine +10%) Pilot Test or the ship will sail into the burning oil and may start to burn).
  • Pieces of rock are floating on the surface of the water. On examination (a (Routine +10%) Education Test), they prove to be chunks of pumice.
  • Rats boil up onto the deck from below. They head to the sides and throw themselves into the water, biting anyone who tries to stop them or doesn’t move out of the way quickly enough (treat as a Large Swarm).
  • Reddened water marks where a large slick of blood covers the surface.

Two pages are the front and rear covers.

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