Instant Dungeon Crawl: DM’s Kit 2

No time to whip up some battle and campaign maps for your new campaign?
No problem! Here’s your solution!

For less than a dollar a map! What a deal!

Since the first Instant Dungeon Crawl: DM’s Kit was pretty helpful, it only makes sense to release a follow up set!

Includes more full concept battle maps–both standard and isometric–including: two large, multi-level dungeon crawl maps–and those alone are worth it for such a low price–with empty room versions; ruins; more campaign world and area maps; town, farm and village encounter maps; another marketplace; area map of floating isles; a rock garden.

Plus, if you’re just starting up the campaign, you especially need a bunch of evil themed maps! Including a labyrinth of skull and bones. dark ritual rooms, cursed woods, dark graveyards; evil fortresses…and a gateway to Hell?!?

And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a tile set included!

All come with grid versions.

Just Add Monsters!

This product is priced at $5.50


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