Ruins of Bonn Kanach

Set back from the road to Blackwell and perched upon a jagged bluff sits the haunted ruins of Bonn Kanach. Abandoned and empty for many centuries this once great EWF city boasted fine palaces, an arena and a great temple. Even trolls fear this city they once commanded and dare not pass within sight of its crumbling walls.

But when a grazelander merchant offers you clean silver for any trinket or bauble pulled from the rubble your suspicions are swayed by the chance of easy money.

The Ruins of Bonn Kanach is presented in the style of the early ‘dungeon exploring’ scenarios and describes several distinct areas of the city with options for the Games Master to fully flesh out the details to suit their own campaign. Major personalities are described, each with its own motivations and their relationship with the city’s other inhabitants. From their base at Stone Cross adventurers can set out to explore the ruined city and return as often as they wish.

Ruins of Bonn Kanach is the first instalment in a trilogy of adventures set in Beast Valley. It can be used as a stand alone resource or part of the longer campaign. Parts two and three will be released later this year.

Ruins of Bonn Kanach – 35 page scenario book (colour and greyscale)
NPC Roster – 36 pages of characters and adversaries (colour and greyscale)
8 unlabelled maps (print and VTT)
3 handouts (print and VTT)

This product is priced at $7.95


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