State of the Dragon #128

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PATREON: We have our Patron live chat this Saturday, the 13th. The plan is to start at 12pm EST as per usual, and I’ll let you know if that changes. Come hang out in the voice call with me on Discord then! Other than that, expect stream drafts to start making their way back here now that things are starting to level out on that front. As I mentioned previously, I’m searching out other platforms to expand to, but I’m also looking to clean up some loose ends here. So hopefully I can make some adjustments to make things a little nicer here, ideally this week, but it might take longer.

STREAMING: We’ve made our re-launch and are in full flight! I want to talk a little bit about the format while we’re here. For the moment, Mondays are going to be TTRPG writing streams exclusively. Most often, this will be adventures like we usually do, but sometimes it’ll be other stuff, like short games or something else TTRPG relevant. Fridays will be TTRPG play streams. For the foreseeable future, these are going to be solo, since I’ve got a pretty long list of solo games I’ve been meaning to try anyway, but at some point I’d like to get others involved and maybe do something more in the realm of an actual-play stream. I’m still figuring out how I want to go about that though, so this may take time. That said, I’ve got a content schedule written out that stretches a few months in advance for all of our regularly scheduled streams. So at the very least, I won’t have to worry as much about not knowing what to do for any given stream. I may still call an audible and change something, or I might have to tweak it a bit here and there, but hopefully this lets us be more consistent from here on for a while at least. All that said, I’m going to start doing streams in off-schedule hours. Ideally these will start this week! These off-schedule streams will vary a lot more. Maybe they’ll be TTRPG, maybe not. They’re not going to be a structured experience, it’ll be more for me just to have fun and hang out. I’d absolutely love to have you there, and hopefully it’ll be something you enjoy anyway, but if it’s not your thing, that’s completely fine. You can still count on the stuff on schedule to be pretty much as it was.

DISCORD: You know I like to bring this up here as a reminder. If you haven’t already, you should drop in and say hello, it’s a pretty cool place with pretty cool people.

RISE OF THE ROBOTS: Like I said last week, I want to put some more polish on this one, so it may take a while. I also very much didn’t get around to cracking it open last week, so it’s not on the table just yet. In a perfect world, I’ll start the revision process this week, but I need to get through some other stuff first, so there’s an unfortunate possibility that this will be pushed off again.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Big weird changes. I know I talked about branching out to other platforms, and that’s absolutely going to happen. I’m not sure which yet, and if this will involve some necromancy on dead accounts I have or if it’ll be something new entirely. I’m not sure yet if it’ll be one or multiple. I do know Twitter is still where I’ll be putting most of my time and energy as far as social media goes, but I’ve been feeling a little frustrated with it recently and am going to take steps to address that. I’m going to try and figure things out there too, but I’m not really looking to change the way I present myself there or anything either. I want to make sure I’m still being authentic there, content, opinions, shitposts, and all. But I’d like to find ways to make it a little less void-screamy and actually connect with people, whether that’s on a personal level or just beating the algorithm.

BLOG: Maintenance is still underway. I’ve done a good bit of work on this so far deleting old and irrelevant posts and archiving anything that has some semblance of usefulness. Once the archival process is complete, I’ll be looking to audit some of the site’s architecture- plugins, themes, and other such things. The goal here will be to clear out anything outdated or useless, and replace them with functional things as needed, ideally with an eye towards optimizing site performance. After that, I’ll likely get in touch with the blog’s hosting provider and see what we can do to troubleshoot some issues if they haven’t already been addressed by things I can do on my end. That’s the roadmap for things here, and I expect it to take a few weeks or even a couple months, but hopefully sooner rather than later. I’ll keep you posted if anything changes, but once maintenance is complete, we’ll get back to posting!

OTHER PROJECTS: I sunk some time and effort into a larger personal project, and it’s actually shaping up nicely. There’s still a lot more to go, but I’d say we’re past the halfway mark to having a fully functional and useable first draft. From there it’ll be revisions and some playtesting, hopefully leading to something bigger. I have plans for this, y’all. It’ll take some time, but I am big excited! I’ve also been working on a commission I have this week. I only just scratched the surface, but it’s always nice to get into that editing flow. I’ll be working on that throughout this week for sure. I also have a bigger commission covered under NDA that I mentioned a while back. I can’t talk about it too much, but I think this week is where the real groundwork is going to get done. I was also approached to get on board for another project, though that will likely be some ways out. Not much to say about it yet, but it made me happy and I wanted to share that with you all. Of course, we’re still on standby for some work on Tidebreaker also, but I think that’s a little ways out too. And to top it all off, I’ve got ideas on ideas for other small games I might either dust off from the shelf or start forming entirely, and these could come to the front if I get an itch for it. There’s always an element of spontaneity and chaos, so who knows what’ll actually shake out?

PERSONAL LIFE AND GAMING: I won’t lie, personally things have been kind of rough. I’ve had extreme difficulty sleeping for the past couple weeks, and it’s definitely left me feeling bad. I’m taking steps to address it though, mostly shaking up my schedule and trying to get myself together to some extent. I know no matter how I go about it, I’ll not be able to get where I want completely since some aspects are out of my control, but I figure I can do better. I’ve got some other personal stuff to deal with too, mostly as relates to anxious and depressive feelings recently, but please don’t worry. I’m honestly managing, and I’m fine. it’s just there, and I want to be transparent about it because it might impact my productivity on some level, and I know a few of you do come to read these for a more personal side of things, and I want to be honest about where I am. But like I said, I really am doing okay despite that and managing well. I know I say this a lot, but I’m kind of leaning into my work and finding some fulfillment there which keeps me going, and I’m going to attempt to make some lifestyle changes to help things a bit. Speaking of changes, let’s talk gaming! I’ve not done a lot recently besides the on camera solo stuff, but I’m going to rectify that. I’ll be actively looking for something else starting now. I do want to keep it low commitment though. So probably one shots for now, or something else pretty casual. I’ll let you know how that goes!

And that’s going to wrap things up here I think. I feel like I’ve actually covered a lot of ground recently and that there’s still a lot more to do. Hopefully you’re liking where things are going so far, and the plan for how things are going to proceed. Whether you are or not though, please feel free to comment here, or reach out via Twitter or Discord. I value your feedback and want to hear from you!


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