The Glass Sea

The Glass Sea is an adventure module for the roleplaying game Imprinted.

This dark adventure starts in the fishing village of Kahblas-Mha deep in the jungles of northern Loso. You are simple watchmen, and militia asked to take a significant journey; discover the mysteries of shadow creatures lurking outside of the village. These shadows are said to make their home in the Glass Sea, a twelve-mile vast sea of crystal.

Inside this adventure book, you’ll find:

  • A fully illustrated horror adventure
  • Location maps and a battle map
  • Full enemy stats for Shadow ‘Goo’ creatures
  • The chance to topple an aspect of the god, Dirablaz.

Pre-gen characters Included:

  • Vanaama’Ur, a master tactician and leader of the group.
  • Mada Wes, gifted with the magical arts and the parties magical healer.
  • Namiro Tera, a skilful martial artist who’s out to prove himself.
  • Haneti Pan, a talented medic and the groups all-rounder.
  • Leimele Ide, an eagle-eyed marksman and the groups stealthiest member.

This product is priced at $1.99


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