After: The Machines


Dying is easy. Surviving is hard.


The world went dark and when it came back on, the Machines that controlled everything were no longer working or in control.

AFTER: THE MACHINES takes place on a prison planet where life was cheap and dying was cheaper. Then the Machines stopped and freedom became its own kind of prison. How do you survive? Will you rebuild society? Will you find what happened to the Machines? Can you escape the planet?

Taking place on a prison planet, inmates toiled in the mines and quarries under the protective domes and watchful eyes of the Machines in their many forms. What happened next remains a mystery. Many of the Machines still function–often as murderous bots. People are just as dangerous as the Machines now that they can exert their power over others openly. Some want to set up a fair society.

Most want to escape this planet and return to the homes they were taken from, but they do not know if they can even leave. How will you forge your way through the world.

AFTER: THE MACHINES is a complete game inspired by the OSR genre. Play as is, use pieces of it, make your own pieces, throw it away. The choice is yours.

Within you will find:

  • A brief introduction to the world and the prison–from Block 1 barracks to Block 5 the quarry.
  • 12 Artifacts that give special powers to technology or skills. 
  • 6 character classes. 
  • 20 Scars and 20 Abilities to give your character unique advantages and disadvantages.
  • 5 Machines and 7 other villains to obstruct your character.  
  • Game master tools for names, ominous Machine areas, critical injuries, and more. 
  • The introductory scenario, “Escape from Sector 89-YT.A,” where you must make your way from the depths of the prison’s mine to avoid death by poisonous gas immediately after the Machines lost control. Obstacles galore seek to prevent your escape. 

AFTER: THE MACHINES is by Patrick Kanouse and published by Two Brothers Gaming.

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