Kercpa — Squirrelfolk Lineage and Subclasses

The Kercpa are part of the Anthropomorphic Races bundle!

Anthropomorphic Races Bundle Cover


Presented here by Steve Fidler and Nathanaël Roux is the Kercpa lineage! A race of reclusive yet merry forest dwellers. Complete with lineage and cultural features, 2 new subclasses for the Rogue and Barbarian, and all the tools needed to fit the small Kercpa into your game!

Lithe and frantic, kercpa are as reclusive as they are merry. Their entire culture is predicated in the knowledge that life is short, and thus should be sweet. They make their homes in the trees of Faerûn and beyond, living in secret. Kercpa were once a more open and welcoming folk, but over the years they have become distrusting of the destructive influence of others against their culture and homelands. However, there are those who seek to strike out against the world and are not content to hide in the canopies forever—seeking to seize the brevity of life and affect the world around them.

Inside you will find:

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