Manual for Exo-Chassis and Automatons

20+ spells from the new School of Automancy, a class of spells dedicated to powering and using MMECs and automatons to your advantage.

10+ weapons, including armor piercing variants, used to take down enemy MMECs, and Arcane Arms, specialized firearms that dish out what ever damage you want them to.

10+ vehicles, including 2 air, land, and sea vehicles, and 10 different classes of MMEC, each of which can be modified and upgraded to fit any situation or play style.

20+ monsters; a handfull of automatons and MMECs and MMEC Pilots of varying difficulty.

5+ subclasses, including the School of Automancy Wizard, Path of the Iron Fist Monk, Circle of Steel Druid, and Armor Piercer Ranger.

And of course, featuring the all new class, the MMEC Pilot, and it’s three subclasses, the Ace, the Engineer, and the Scrapper.  Their weapon of choice is a giant robot, nothing can stand in their way.

Coming in Future Revisions

  • Art for all MMECs and all new weapons and adventuring gear
  • Cover art
  • Updates and balancing for the four new subclasses
  • More options for Circle of Steel Druid’s Wild Shapes
  • Updates and balancing for the new MMEC Pilot class and its subclasses
  • More Automaton and MMEC, and MMEC Pilot monsters

This product is priced at $15.00


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