Nightmare in the Puppet Shop | New 5th-Level Adventure by Torchlight Press

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This adventure is structured into two parts: pre-ritual and post-ritual. Pre-ritual, the characters will explore the shop and fight past cultists to get to the room where the ritual is being performed. Post-ritual, the characters must fight their way out of the dungeon past eldritch horrors manifesting in puppets throughout the shop.


A small sect of cultists worshipping an eldritch god have been using a puppet shop as a guise for their unholy activities. Now, after years of preparation, they are on the cusp of creating a portal to another realm, intent on letting aberrant horrors consume the world. 

One of the town guards, a tiefling woman named Dancing in the Rain, had a hunch something was amiss and spent some time undercover working at the shop. They discovered the cult’s plans and managed to sneak out a word of warning to the town master before being uncovered and captured.

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