Shadow Thief Book 3: Heroes

“Feeling uneasy, you walk towards the shimmering portal and pass through it. Time and space seem to meld into one. Then you appear in a hexagonal chamber. Everything is black but accented with silver. Black wax candles stand all around you, flickering seemingly with an arcane silver flame.


In the centre is an altar and Devero kneels before it. Atop the altar is a pentacular Sigel that you are familiar with. Behind the altar is a black statue of a beautiful young man. Possibly the most beautiful being you have ever seen. On the breast of his robe is the mark of the 5 pointed star.”


Once again, you find yourself in the centre of a plot that threatens everything you know and hold dear. You are just a common thief, and yet fate, or chance, has given you a responsibility to stop a great evil. But can you do it alone. You will need help – and if you can win, then can a thief become a hero?


In this new gamebook, the final part to the Shadow Thief trilogy, you make the decisions and decide how you are going to try to stop an ancient evil from invading your city. Armed with only a pencil, a set of dice, and lots of paper, can you survive and potentially save the world.


“Heroes isn’t just a good gamebook, it’s one of the best adventures I have ever read. Absolutely essential for any gamebook fans”

Andy Redfern, Gamebook Superfan


“Another very enjoyable gamebook, my favourite of the series. The climax of the series will definitely not disappoint!”

Rob Hatton, Fighting Fantasy Roulette of Death


“I can tell you one thing about this author. He is absolutely fearless. Lowrie is unique in being able to seamlessly marry together suitable mechanics, which enhance the story and gameplay”

James Spearing, My Gamebook Adventures

This product is priced at $4.10


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