The Desert Backcountry

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The Desert Backcountry:
Behold, The Desert Backcountry! Through the desert mirage lies a scorched, deadly land. A place where tar bleeds from the sand and shattered temples of forgotten gods lay broken. However, not all is death and despair, for if you navigate meticulously you will find a hidden paradise behind the dunes, where cool blue water runs fresh, and green life bursts from the ground.

In a dusty temple that time has forgotten, the rarest and magical treasures buried deep within its belly lay hidden. To find this temple, look for the bones in the dunes, cross the tar lands until the blood-red sunsets on the horizon. Finding the temple is half the fun, for the guardians of the temple await your arrival, thirsty for blood and vengeance.

5 Core Maps (Variants + Day/Night + Gridded/Gridless):
– The Oasis
– Tar Pits
– Rugged Sands
– Scorched Dunes
– Temple of the Sun

Map Specs:
26×39 Grid Squares

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