The Desert Token Pack

35 items in this pack!

The Desert Tokens:
Behold, tokens! The Desert Token pack is an abundance of useful goodies to assist with your world-building needs. They look particularly nice on Savage Scroll battle maps, but will look just as good on any other map you may fancy 😉

Each token is designed to be used at the following sizes: 1×1 grids; 2×2 grids; 4×4 grids; 6×6 grids, and so on. These specs ensure a consistent scale, which enhances your user experience. For easy reference, all recommended scale sizes will be included in each token file name.

Barricades (2)
Natural Barricades (4)
Plants/Stones (8)
Wagons (4)
Camps (5)
Camp Gear (6)
Misc (6)

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