The Immortal Maker – Adventure Location

Long ago, two brothers believed they would become gods; instead they became prisoners of their own pride. They believed that through harnessing the elements of fire and ice they could unlock powers yet undiscovered. Uncover their fates and find their dark designs in this adventure location for the world’s greatest role playing game.

Fourteen rooms are detailed (with map) in this adventure location, as well as ideas for connecting this location into a pre-existing campaign. Also includes specific ideas for connecting into Icewind Dale adventure as a fun side quest. Includes 5 new monsters, a new chewinga charm, an optional skill challenge and many fun encounters. A total of 20 pages packed with content for your next game, and a png map for virtual table top websites.

Immortal makerThe Immortal Maker2

The Immortal Maker3The Immortal Maker4

This product is priced at $4.95


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