The Spy Game: Mission Booklet 2 – Fuelish Endeavour

Mission Introduction
In this mission, assigned by the Caledonian Spy Group (CSG) of Scotland, the team is hired to investigate an American Senator by the name of Jamal Campbell. The senator has been on the campaign trail, transferring money into and out of his account as part of his bid for the U.S. presidency. Most of these donations appear legitimate, but there is more than one item which appears a little too generous for the sender they relate to, and as such the agency has been tasked with investigating the senator’s private financial records. Fortunately, an opportunity to access this information has presented itself…

Fuelish Endeavour is an infiltration and investigation mission in three-acts, that is designed to give your players a full spy and espionage experience. It is set in the USA for the most part, but can be transplanted to other locations with ease. It’s the perfect setup for getting to grips with the system, or as a jump off point for more missions to spin off into a part of your ongoing campaign. Ideal for a team of 4th-5th level agents.

Includes maps for Booklet 1 and 2 as a separate PDF

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