Cave of Two Paths – 5e Adventure (level 2-3)

A nice, low level adventure, for DnD 5e. Take a party of level 2-3 characters on a journey through a cave system, as they guide an NPC safely to his destination. With two separate routes they can take, will the party brave the northern caves, filled with monsters and beasts that make their home in the cold stone caverns? Or will they instead face an altogether more human enemy, and fight their way through a gang of bandits living in the southern cave system? Each Path comes with unique dangers and challenges for the party, whilst providing a great journey style quest, to guide the party from one town to another.

This quest is another of the early adventures released on Osrynn’s Oddments, and has proven to be very popular elsewhere. The PDF also comes with ideas you can incorporate into later elements of your campaign, and plot hooks that you can call back on, should you need/want to.

As always with my adventures, this title is PWYW, so you can enjoy running the adventure for no charge. should you enjoy running it, I can only ask that you consider donating to help me to continue to create more 5e content for DM’s to run in their games.

This product is priced at $1.38


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