Stalag 14

If you like games about World War 2, you’ll like Stalag 14.

Stalag 14 is a rules-lite RPG that centers around the exploits of a select group of spies hidden in plain sight within a Prisoner of War camp in Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Players take on the roles of allied airmen who were trained in espionage and then “captured” by the Germans and sent to a P.O.W. camp that had been prepared with tunnels, communications gear, and weaponry to assist them in their heroic tasks against the Nazi regime. However, it is no cake walk; the German guards are clueless but not incompetent, and the Gestapo is just around the corner.

Stalag 14 uses the Double is Trouble system. Using only 2 to 4 six-sided dice, drama and action favor the players as they create their daring stories.

The “Basic” game will get you started with all of the rules necessary for game play. As interest grows, the game will expand and be updated at no additional cost to those who got in on the ground floor of this unique system and setting. 

This product is priced at $1.00


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