Statosphere (Unknown Armies 1E)

Take a stroll through the Statosphere, where the Invisible Clergy plays a life-sized chess game of fiendish complexity and probabilities flow like water through their fingers. Every person in the universe is a piece in this game, but most never figure that out. Most members of the occult underground only begin to scratch the surface.

Learn more about the workings of the Invisible Clergy in this Unknown Armies first edition supplement. Use the background information to wrap your head around the subject. Then pop some of the ready-made resources right into your plots. This book provides new archetypes, rules for Godwalkers, and GMC avatars, all ready to go.

Statosphere is out of print. This supplement requires Unknown Armies first edition to play.

Statosphere: Contents

  • A Stone in a Shoe
  • The Invisible Clergy
  • Archetypes
  • House of Renunciation
  • First and Last Man

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