The Kingdom of Grimsby Snow White

So you want to live in a faerie tale? Be careful what you wish for…

The Kingdom of Grimsby Snow White is the first adventure set in the Kingdom of Grimsby where all of the characters are inspired by Tales of the Brothers Grimm (more to come!). Three hags were banished from the kingdom, and now they are now back to get their revenge on the entire kingdom and its royal families!

The players are a dwarven mining team who are caught in the middle finding themselves on an adventure to save their missing friend. This leads them on a path to saving the entire kingdom and the royal family. They travel from the Village of Hameln, into the Enchanted Forest, teleporting into the Feywild, and ending at the Castle of Grimsby in the heart of the City of Grimsby. Along the way, they encounter new creatures, allies, and enemies.

The adventure runs 8-12 sessions (25-40 hours) and is written for 3-6 players playing levels 3-5. The chapter layout is:

  • Introduction
  • Prologue & Adventure Tracking Worksheet
  • Chapter 1 – The Village of Hameln
  • Chapter 2 – The Enchanted Forest
  • Chapter 3 – The City of Grimsby
  • Appendix A – Player Charaters
  • Appendix B – Non-Player Characters
  • Appendix C – Creature Stats
  • Appendix D – Magical Items
  • Appendix E – Calendar & Events
  • Appendix F – Legal Appendix
  • Index

The following organized into easily accessible and linked appendices:

  • 6 level three character sheets (plus a blank)
  • New Village Dwarf subrace
  • New Craftsman background
  • 16 magical items (12 new)
  • 41 different creatures (8 new)
  • 22 NPCs 
This is great adventure for first time game masters as well as advanced! Enjoy your time in the kingdom!

This product is priced at $9.99


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