40×30 Battlemap – Shadowy Ravensfall Prison

Shadowy Ravensfall Prison

Icy waves crash against steep stone cliffs that are slick to the touch. The waters swirling around their base are shallow, barely covering jagged rocks—the perfect place for a prison no-one can escape. 

Burning torches flicker at night, fighting the strong, cold winds that whip around the jail’s walls, whistling through hanging iron cages filled with pecked-clean bones. It brings the stench of lamp oil, salt, and decaying seaweed.

Adventure Idea

An old woman claims her son was falsely accused and sent to Ravensfall Prison. There he died, apparently having choked to death on a fishbone—but they never returned his body. She has spoken to others who have had loved ones convicted, and many of them died similarly unusual deaths. 

She has paid you and your friends to commit a minor offense, so you’ll be arrested and able to learn what’s really going on, from inside the prison. She has also paid off an official, so that a week from now the charges will be dropped and you’ll all be released.

Once inside the prison, you begin to hear rumors. Your main contact, a middle-aged man with two fingers missing, tells you that almost everyone here has gaps in their memories. The next time you try to find him however, he is gone.

A couple of days later, two of your friends disappear. Their cells are empty. Other prisoners report having seen guards escort them beyond a locked metal door, and the next day, they come for you.

You are taken through a long corridor and placed in another cell. You can see your friends across from you. Before you can figure out what is happening, however, guards enter and take one into yet another room. You hear their screams from beyond thick, metal doors…

Hours later, they are dragged back into their cell. They don’t remember what happened. To make things worse, it’s now your eighth day in the prison and no one has come to free you. 

What’s happening? The prison warden is in the process of creating a Philosopher’s Stone. He keeps the first page of the recipe and his varying results in a secret room, but the recipe is incomplete. Because of this, he is trying to figure out how to finalize the stone’s creation through experiments involving the prisoners, and transmutation.

He ensures they don’t remember the painful tests through placing a drop of memory-erasing liquid in his prisoners eyes, once they’re strapped in.

The corpse of your contact remains in his “work” chamber. In the desk of his personal quarters there is also a letter, informing the warden that the corrupt official who was willing to accept bribes to pardon valuable prisoners has been dealt with as per his request.

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