Carvings in the Dark

Investigate and stop an Infernal ritual threatening the city of Waterdeep!

-A four-part adventure in the Forgotten Realms for a party of any size and characters of any level-

-This module is perfect for an existing party in the city of Waterdeep, or any other fantasy city!

-Investigate ruthless cultists and their grisly crimes, experience intense urban encounters, and ultimately save the city from a rising, Infernal attack– all while getting valuable loot and interacting with fellow Waterdhavians caught in the crossfire of the cultists! 

-Includes 4 beautiful full color, gridded battlemaps each with seperate PNG files for HD printing and easy import to virtual tabletops.

-Includes 5 unique magic items!

-Although this module was written for use in Waterdeep in Faerûn, the names of certain things could be swapped for use in any setting or city.

This product is priced at $1.99


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