Flame Bones, Eternal Fire

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Flame bones are direct creatures of rage and fire, so they are straightforward with their attacks. This may be their greatest weakness, because they are more vulnerable to sword or axe than they are to many popular damage-dealing spells. Still, despite their desire to be face-to-burning skull with the living, they are smart enough to retreat and use ranged attacks when they’re available.  

Scenario: The Hall of Flame
This long hall has a series of braziers at the top of high columns. Each brazier has an unending fire blazing within it, fed either by magic or clever engineering. Also, lurking with each of the braziers is a flame bones — hundreds of people were slaughtered to create this trap. When the characters enter, the flame bones sweep down and attack, returning to their home flames to recharge themselves when hurt. The characters will need to put out all of the fires within the room to have any hope of defeating the monsters.


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