New Community Website: Foundry Hub

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A new website was launched yesterday to support the Foundry VTT community. This website called Foundry Hub collects and curates news, updates, and resources for the players. Here’s a shortlist of its main features:

  • A news platform open to contributions and supported by a team of editors to inform you about the entire FVTT ecosystem.
  • An exchange forum open to all, in order to bring to some of your discussions a more perennial platform than a Discord channel.
  • A package explorer with a robust filter list allowing you to discover new modules and systems.
  • A creator explorer, directly updated by the artists proposing additional content for your games.

What Foundry VTT?

Foundry VTT is a virtual tabletop platform that is hugely community-driven and it has amazing support from a community of developers and creators (and Foundry Hub is bringing them all together). 

If you haven’t heard of Foundry VTT yet or would like to see how it compares to other virtual tabletop platforms, you might find this article helpful:

It gives a quick introduction to Foundry and there are pretty useful video links for a deeper insight into Foundry VTT. 

Foundry VTT Creators & Resources

Besides the latest news, tips, and updates Foundry Hub has a growing list of creators who make content for Foundry VTT and links to resources like the official Discord server, wiki, etc. 

And you guessed it right, I have a creator page there too! 😀

It would be a massive help to me and I would appreciate it a lot if you visited my page and endorsed it by clicking the “Endorse” button. 

You can find my creator page here:

Thank you! 


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