Observant Genotype (Versatile Heritage)

A genotype encapsulates a genetic versatile heritage often inherited from your ancestors. It is a characteristic of your distinctiveness and not a representation of your origin, role, profession, or class

Observant Instinct

Characters with an observant instinct draw upon their wisdom and perception.

Inspired by the base classes of the modern version of the D20 rules, the Observant Instinct versatile  reimagines the Dedicated Hero as a versatile heritage, allowing progression of the observant aspect without sacrificing class progression. 

This versatile heritage contains:

  • 23 Versitle heritage ancestry feats from 1st to 17th level
  • 2 new Genotype focus spells

Players can elect for their character to rely even more on their stature by investing in the Ancestral Paragon archytype.

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