The Faction Turn aka The Tenth Nation

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The Faction Turn is a short set of rules from the Stars Without Numbers RPG designed to give the Games Master a way to manage the massive governments, evil cults and huge merchant conglomerates, and resolve their conflicts and the advancement of their goals.

(If you haven’t heard of Star Without Numbers, I heartily recommend you check it out. The designer, Kevin Crawford, has added a free version of the game to Drive Thru RPG, and if you love it enough you can go back and get an enhanced version with even more rules, remember to use the Garblag Affiliate link if you do!)

While these rules are mainly intended for the GM to use between sessions for events in the background of the players, I have used these for the basis of some Mega Games in the past. I have also been part of other online communities that have used these rules to play the Faction Turn with others.

What I’m planning for Monday evenings on the channel is quite grand in its concept. It’s not the first time it’s been done. Other TTRPG Streamers have gone before me and tried to do this, some have had great fun, others have crashed and burned. But this one will be the Grand Garblag Faction experiment, and if it works, we will create a truly unique world between us all.

So this all sounds glorious marketing talk and I haven’t actually told you what’s going to happen, or what you get to do.

First we have a world, and you, the Garblag Patrons will get to join a Faction in it. The governments of the world are the obvious factions, but over the next few weeks we’ll design some alternative factions too.

Each month, the members of the faction will choose what their faction does in order to advance their goals. Using our modified version of the Faction Turn rules from Stars Without Numbers. We’ll process these orders on a monthly live stream and we’ll see how this all plays out. Will we start wars? Have trade embargoes? Live peacefully among ourselves? Who knows!

In the weeks in between, I’ll run some short RPG sessions set in the world we’re playing. So when things happen, we’ll see the poor fools who have to live through our events.

A trade embargo? We could escort the diplomats to negotiate with the other faction, avoiding assassins and beasts on the way. We could smuggle goods past the blockades. We could help refugees leave the area. We could enforce the embargo.

And what these small games do might have a knock on effect with the Faction Turn next month. And then we’re back around to the next months Faction Turn and we keep going and going until it’s not fun any more.

My hope is this give you more ways to interact with the world and games we play, beyond the fun Garblag Groat Rerolls!

So let me introduce you to the fantasy world of The Tenth Nation.

“After 1000s of years of war between both mortals and gods there was no end in sight. Until the gods realised that without mortals there would be no one to worship them, and without worship they would be nothing.

Putting their own survival ahead of their anger, the Gods appointed the Nine Nations. By Divine Accord the nine races of the world would have their territory and they would have no claim to land outside these borders. So long as the Council of Nine meet no god would favour any race or nation above others, and no god would interfere with the domain of another.

The peace has lasted a thousand years. But now there’s turmoil in the Council of Nine.

The leader of Imydr has died, and their representatives have left for a time of mourning. The Shizdusian Confederacy’s diplomatic core are more concerned with ownership of the mountains on the north of their borders, the Snowhelian Empire are divided with countless internal conflicts, and the Shopelian clerics speak of a long heralded terror from beyond imagination… again.

The strange emissary from the seas has demanded a seat on the Council of Nine, and his warnings of ‘terror beneath the waves’ sound as much a threat as they do a warning.”

Over the coming weeks, we’ll expand the world, set up our Factions, clarify our rules and aim to start our first Faction Turn at the start of March.



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