25 New Shadow Spells

Create the shadowy spellcaster of your dreams with “25 New Shadow Spells”. This document presents 25 brand new spells that draw on the power of darkness and shadows, including:

  • new shadow-themed spells for every spellcasting class in the Player’s Handbook;
  • expanded options for dealing necrotic damage, including four necrotic cantrips;
  • the ability to summon an undead Shadow to serve you with shadow servant;
  • the ability to turn yourself into a shadow with shadow self and true shade; and
  • grim twilight – the ultimate spell for necromancers who want to empower their undead army.

This document also includes 4 bonus shadow-themed spells previously published in Nearsighted Games’ “Expanded Warlock Spell List”, for a total of 29 shadow-themed spells.

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