A Viking’s Atlas, Vol. 1: Garðarshólmi

This Atlas is intended to be used in any D&D 5E game taking place in cold, northern regions, and is suitable for the settings of Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Ravenloft, Ravnica or Theros.

This Atlas seeks to breathe life into a game by providing pictures of locations in a remote land called Garðarshólmi. Thus, for example, if the party is travelling across a great glacier, creeping through a frozen ice cave, or resting by a beautiful waterfall, don’t just tell them about it – show them!  The Atlas also includes several versions of a map of Garðarshólmi that can be used to display the region overall, and each location’s place on the map.  Further, the Atlas provides a short description of each location.  Finally, the Atlas provides a few battle maps.   A total of 72 JPG files for all of the images are included with this Atlas.

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