Danger Room Encounters: Assassin War (Super-Powered by M&M)

Danger Room Encounters are combat simulations that combine realistic illusions, hard-light holograms, and matter re-materialization to simulate virtually any environment that offers benefits to both GMs and players. A session in Danger Room Encounters allows heroes to practice their skills and powers without worrying about property damage or bystanders. Heroes can try alternate uses of their powers and experiment with how far they can push those abilities. Danger Room Encounters serves as an excellent, easy way to introduce new players to the game by helping them learn the rules one step at a time.

This Danger Room takes place during a “Hero Day” parade. The parade follows a pre-planned Parade Route through an urban center and features a number of large parade balloons and floats, each depicting a cartoonish image of various superheroes. The guest of honor at the parade is visiting Senator Fredrick, who has been placed on a large float in the center of the parade. Unfortunately, two assassins have been hired to eliminate the senator – Sights and Stillwater. The pair are not a team, and in fact only the one that actually makes the kill gets paid. As such, the pair are competing against each other in this scenario.


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