The Tragic Tale of Branwen Slayne

Welcome, brave adventurer, to the modest town of Everfall. Our humble town was once renowned for its bountiful harvests. We were the talk of the free world. Of late, however, we are a town besieged by legions of undead creatures. Every night they come to us, and every night we find more of our beloved citizens carried off. I would love for you to stay with us, my friends, but I fear we cannot protect you. Hurry away, and forget you ever heard of us, lest you too fall victim to the curse of Branwen Slayne!

This adventure is designed for 4-6 Level 3 adventurers and takes you into the cursed town of Everfall. Players can unravel the mysteries of Branwen Slayne, a druid woman who has turned against a town she once helped. Includes maps, multiple paths to the end, custom monsters, and memorable NPCs. This adventure can be easily scaled and dropped into any existing campaign setting. Perfect for a lengthy Hallowe’en one-shot or a two night event. I hope you enjoy!

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