The Unseen World: Urban Fantasy Genesys

Welcome, my friends, to the Unseen World. Delve into a world where every monster, myth, and legend is real, where gods still walk among men and mortals live with no knowledge of the supernatural world all around them. As you seek to gain power to protect yourself from the darkness and the monsters, beware: it can be easily to lose yourself to that darkness and become a monster yourself.

The Unseen World contains everything you need for a wide variety of urban fantasy adventures! Whether you are the chosen one or a wizard detective or anything in-between, the Unseen World is your source for the supernatural. The Unseen World adds over a dozen unique archetypes, dozens of unique adversaries, a whole host of unique factions, and an entire expansive new urban fantasy world to explore. The setting includes the unique Agency mechanic as your characters struggle to maintain their humanity, my original Wealth rules, as well as rules for Plot-Device-Level Adversaries. Also includes a fully-fleshed out example city in the form of Las Vegas, the City of Sin, and rules for building your own cities and campaigns in the Unseen World.

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