FSpaceRPG AirGrid A4 printable square basemaps – 3/4 inch

Need 3/4 inch square basemaps for aerial gaming that you can print on a home printer?

This product contains an extensive pack of 24 A4 base texture boards to use with your tabletop gaming using a 3/4 inch square grid.

Covers a range of different cloud conditions to simulate different weather.

All squares column and row numbered.

Compatible with FSpaceRPG and various other games that use a similar square scale.

Matches our A4 and A3 3/4 inch basemaps and all the counter products we make with 3/4 inch counters in them.

Available in both RGB and CMYK PDF options depending on which gets you the best results on your printer.

This product is priced at $2.99


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