Medieval Vibes

Imaginary Bard brings brings to you our second collection of thematic tracks. Now it’s a medieval soundtrack, perfect for most famous rpg genre.

From a cozy tavern to a glorious battle, from victory to death.  Medieval vibes contains a collection of songs for any medieval fantasy settings needs.

As our previous releases, this tracks are in different styles from that era, which serve as themes for various types of scenes such as: everyday city life, taverns, parties, suspense, chases, travels, battlefield, desolation and death.

Developed with digital versions of classical Middle Age instruments, but with a touch of modernity, this soundtrack has 20 new tracks for players’ immersion.

The loopable versions allow you to continue playing as long as the mood remains the same, avoiding breaking the game’s immersion when a song change occurs. As a Narrator, Keeper, GM, DM or whatever, keep your players involved in the game and feeling like they are in a true Medieval Fantasy story.

Medieval Vibes is under the Creative Commons license cc-by and can be used in online and offline games, streams, videos, podcasts and anyother type of content.


01. Moonlight Camp 4:28
02. Unforgiving Islands 4:16
03. Wild Impulse 3:57
04. Eternal Castle 2:18
05. Forbbiden Choices 2:40
06. Curse of Phantoms 5:05
07. Parallel Nightmares 5:05
08. Gloom 3:12
09. Tears Of Her Soul 8:44
10. Initial Castle 8:58
11. Tainted Delusions 8:19
12. Virtual Torments 3:39
13. Divine Paradise 5:50
14. Voodoo Feeling 33:20
15. Midnight Dance 10:03
16. Cool Vibrations 7:13
17. Forsaken Music 4:18
18. Morning Choices 10:07
19. Brave Tales 7:51
20. Rest In Peace 6:41

Total Time: 2:26:02

This album is presented in High Quality MP3 formats (single and loopable). 

This product is priced at $9.99


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