Paladin Lost

A festive atmosphere has taken hold of Ardwyn Keep! With Lord Tyron Drest’s elder son Levi to be married to the young Lady Serena Archgate in just two days’ time, final preparations are hurriedly underway to ensure a smooth start to the celebrations. Who better to help keep the peace and entertain the guests than a group of seasoned adventurers! With everyones’ spirits this high, what could possibly go wrong?

This investigation-focused murder mystery is setting neutral and can be undertaken by parties of any size and characters of any level!


  • A 19-page fully illustrated PDF
  • A simplified and accessible printer-friendly PDF
  • A high quality map of Ardwyn Keep that can be printed out or easily adapted to an online tabletop
  • Stylized handouts of important letters and clues

This product is priced at $4.99


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