Rewards: Vehicle & Mounts Guide WiP

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Oops! I forgot to update the Vehicles & Mounts Guide last week… 

So I have now updated the XP 45 page with the latest PDF.

It has had the following:

  • Vehicle and Mounts Stealth Rules.
  • Vehicle Armour rules added.
  • Damage Control Specialisation
  • Drive Scamblers Specialisation
  • Jury Rigging Specialisation
  • Construction Specialisations Shipwright, Aquatic Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Mech Engineering, Starship Engineering
  • Vehicle Construction Rules: Crafting Hulls, Power Cores & Engines, and Modules…
  • Chapters Formatting set up
  • Paragraph and Title Formatting for ease of reading

There are still elements missing and not formatted especially tables… All to come over then few months as we get closer to completion! 

Please have a read through and let me know if you see anything that needs further explanation or you think is missing. Do not assume I have it on the drawing board, I may do but you may point out something I have completely overlooked!



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