Weep (Unknown Armies 1E)

Tell tales of tragedy and woe. Stories in which eyes are opened and choices are made. In the end, all that’s left to do is cling to whatever rationalizations you’ve got left and sprint for glory.

Make those stories easier to tell with this collection of six scenarios for Unknown Armies first edition. This grab-bag offers a wide variety of resources for GMs to choose from, including standard one-shots, a subplot to run in the background over multiple sessions, and a customizable toolkit option that can be built up or down to suit your gaming fancy.

Weep is out of print. This supplement requires Unknown Armies first edition to play.

Weep: Contents

  • The Decision of Paris, Texas
  • A Few of My Favorite Things by John Tynes
  • Swap Meet by Rick Neal
  • Drink to That by Greg Stolze
  • The Green Glass Grail by Chad Underkoffler
  • Stoon Lake by Greg Stolze
  • Garden Full of Weeds by James Palmer


2001 Out of the Box Award First Runner-Up – Best Supplement.

This product is priced at $14.95


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