100 Books to Find in or About the Great Rift: Afawahisa, Riftspan Reaches and Touchstone

Books can be a source of useful and important knowledge, but libraries are not filled with books that can be described as such. Shelves and databases will also hold books that are less useful; religious tracts, legends, histories, biographies, memoirs, scientific works and fiction. This supplement adds 100 different books that a Referee can use to flesh out a bookshelf. The books in this supplement cover the Great Rift, in particular the sectors of Afawahisa, Riftspan Reaches and Touchstone. These sectors are predominately Aslan; the authors given are Imperial and, where an Imperial author is unlikely, these are the translators. Whether or not an individual book has anything useful in-game is up to the Referee; books can be founts of misinformation as well as knowledge.

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Here are some sample results:

  • Space Submarines: The Curious Craft of Yolrilao by Dhareef Tongap (How Yolrilao in the Aulryakh subsector of Riftspan Reaches is adapting submarine designs into spacegoing vessels)
  • Superior Ships (A promotional book on the ships produced by Hasawe’i in the Wahtoikoeakh subsector of Riftspan Reaches, stating all the ways in which they are, supposedly, better than those produced by Hluarelai)
  • T-O-1’s Original Civilisation by Natalie Mambila (Details of the ancient, destroyed civilisation on T-O-1 in the Just One subsector of Touchstone)
  • Tales of Yuhiyah by Endel Baldoni (A collection of children’s stories and far-fetched tales about what the Aslan encountered in the Yuhiyah subsector of Riftspan Reaches)
  • Tenets of Rraerrgdzakaek by Délina Abdulghafurov (Pure guesswork and speculation as to what the tenets of the Vargr cult found on Rraerrgdzakaek in the Aosola subsector of Touchstone are)

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