Gaia Awakening

Humanity has laid spiritually dormant for millennia. Since the Bronze Age collapse, and the Dark Age of Humanity, the severance of Gaia’s link to Universal energy has waned. Magic fell into the realm of myth. Those who felt the calling of Universal energy, so tenuously a connection as it was, fell into the fringes of society. As human beings became more aware that their leaders had a vested interest in narrowing their perspective, the clamour for freedom turned the tide. 

 Whether the state of Gaia in 2050 reflects a struggling old world on the brink of apocalypse or a flourishing new world finally free, the Awakening represents an opportunity for human beings to re-connect with their inner strength.

Gaia Awakening uses a unique, simple system to allow Players to create Characters they wish to play and enables Storytellers to tell the story they wish to tell.

This product is priced at $9.99


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