House Phylund

First, when this publication reaches copper level, I will be adding House Amcathra as a supplement and raising the price by $1.00.  When this publication reaches silver level, I will be adding House Margaster as a supplement and raising the price by another $1.00. If you purchase now, you will get all three houses for the starting price.

Second, When I read Waterdeep – Dragonheist and saw that there was a built-in option for a character to actually be a member of House Phylund, my thought was “Yes! That family is awesome!”…but then I realized there were no further details of the family in the book, nor much mention at all in fifth edition. This document attempts to solve that.

Written for players, dungeon masters and game designers, this document is designed to provide both historical and current details on House Phylund. If you’re a player who chose the noble background for your character, a dungeon master looking for additional flavor for your players, or a game designer wanting to add House Phylund into your campaign, this is intended to be a resource for everyone. This document also serves as a compliment to both Waterdeep – Dragonheist and Waterdeep – Dungeon of the Mad Mage. It includes:

  • Family history and notable historical members (all from canon)
  • Full-size images of the family crest and family seal.
  • State of the current House.
  • Faction relationships.
  • Family rivals.
  • Detailed maps of the estate house, warehouse, watchspider breeding caves, and hunting lodge in the Ardeep Forest (29 images).
  • Watchspider with details, statblock, and DDB link for ease of use.
  • And more!

Welcome to the House.

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