Swamp Assets Workshop

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Hey folks! We’ve got a lot of posts going live this coming week, but until then what better way to celebrate this holiday of romance than a lively swamp discussion! Per this last week’s poll a swamp theme edged out the other contenders for our next public assets pack theme. Like our previous sets, I’d like to open up a workshop space here for you all to reply/comment with ideas and suggestions for what you’d like to be included in said pack. 

As a baseline, here’s the battle map I did for Baba Lysaga’s Hut, really the only swamp-esque map I’ve ever done frankly. This gives you a bit of an idea of how I’ve approached the theme previously, and here is a quick summary of what I’d plan to include as of right now:

  • A ‘wetland’ ground texture (full page spread, seamless variant)
  • Transition wetland texture (to go from forest > swamp)
  • Far more dead trees (or at least, leafless ones)
  • Large tree roots to combine with existing trees
  • More tree logs and various driftwood, with floating/rippled variants for floating

Those are the ones I want to do for sure, other ideas include things like faded, large puddles of water (to layer on top of grass textures), giant lily pads, wooden boardwalks for swamp settlements, etc. But I want to hear what you think! 


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