The Strider

Warriors of the wilderness and slayers of mighty monsters, striders specialise in hunting creatures that thrive beyond the edges of civilization. To do this they combine learnt martial prowess with the utility of skills honed from life in a hostile environment. After all, to slay the creatures that thrive in such places one needs to first be able to find them.

The strider is designed as a ranger alternative. Instead of being a half caster it gains utility through improvements to skills and has non-magical sources of healing as well as stealth. The strider gains improved combat ability through a system based off sneak attack.

The strider has the following archetypes:

The Hunter – this archetype provides the “vanilla” experience for the strider with features improving combat abilities.

The Beastmaster – this archetype features an animal companion with several imrpovements to increase survivability and combat efficacy.

The Warden – a 1/3 divine caster with features providing increased utility and the ability to protect their companions by issuing challenges to foes.

The Witch Hunter – specialising in combating spell-casting creatures thsi archetype gains several specific features for that goal.

The Trapper – this archetype rewards preparation and ambushes through a trap mechanic

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