10 Hazards of Love

10 Expertly crafted and gorgeously illustrated Valentines Day monsters you are sure to LOVE

Each creature has a story to tell, with delightful lore and adventure hooks to help make them ready to deploy into your campaign as either loving friends or heartbreaking foes.

  • Do you have the stomach and the sweet tooth to face off against the mighty Chocolate Golem, or will you succumb to death by chocolate? 

  • Can you withstand the Queen Bee’s seductive pheromones and sticky sweet honey bombs?

  • Will you aid The Sovereign in his matchmaking pursuits, or put a stop to his romantic meddling?

28 pages of new allies and adversaries await inside, along with a special download of three Valentines cards showcasing some amazing artwork and puntastic pickup lines. Read more in the full preview to find out, and create your own holiday memories as you adventure alongside(or against!) ten unforgettable Valentine’s Day creatures.

beating heart

wine elemental

chocolate golem stat blocks

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