Fantasy Grounds Combat Automation


This is an EXTENSION for use with the Fantasy Grounds VTT and specifically the D&D 5E ruleset only!

This extension allows to fully automate combat for player characters.

Main Feature 1: Automating actions

This extension will automatically execute actions one by one when you click on a button to the left of the weapon/spell/power name (see picture).

By default, all actions will be used in the order from left to right.

If the attack misses or the save fully succeeds, the actions afterward will not be executed.

You can change the number of actions executed by default in options.

You can limit the number of actions per spell by putting “->#” in spell/power name, where # is the number of actions to execute (e.g. “->2” will only execute the first two actions).

Shift-clicking use power button will not execute any actions.


Feature 2: Expending spell slots on cast and spell upcasting

This extension will also automatically expend the appropriate spell slot when you click on a star button (“use power” button).

If the character has both spell slots and pact magic slots the priority will be pact magic -> spell slots.

Upcasting spells is possible by first entering the intended cast level. However, you will need to adjust the effect of the spell manually (in many cases as easy as right-clicking to add additional damage die).

You can set the default upcast level for each spell by adding “@#” in the spell name (e.g. “@3” will try to cast the spell at 3rd level).

Ctrl-clicking the button will execute all actions, without expending a spell slot. Alt-clicking executes all actions as ritual casting (without expending slot and adding 10 minutes to casting time).


Double-clicking the “Upcast” field displays a help message.

This extension can be combined with the “Instant Dice” extension to achieve instant combat.

This extension was developed and tested for both Fantasy Grounds Unity and Classic.