Arkus: Epiphytic Ephemera

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Equally useful for DMs and players, this document will help you craft character and adventures unique to this strange realm. Play as a Cosmologist artificer, customize your threndl with botanical add-ons, and learn about how to convert the standard 5e backgrounds to fit Arkus campaigns. DMs will find plenty to play with as well: adventure hooks, magic floral items, and monsters abound.

A new addition to this setting, miniature floating Epi-Arks provide the perfect way to introduce unexpected dungeons and one-shots into your existing campaigns. Learn about how these drifting balls of plant-matter can be the perfect catalysts for your next story arc.

Dive deep into the idiosyncratic lore of Arkus as you explore threndl holidays, Storthi haute cuisine, and the mysterious dragon home that drifts through the skies. Nothing about this setting is typical, and even if you aren’t running an Arkus campaign (yet!), you’ll find plenty of inspiration to drag and drop into your own homebrew settings.

Spread throughout this document, you’ll find stunning art and assets from some of the top creators in the D&D homebrew scene. Featuring miniatures from Paper Forge, maps and illustrations from Zach Moeller and Galaxy Compass, dungeon entrance assets by Venatus Maps, lore and homebrew from Daniel Gonzales and Wythe Marschall, and brand new music by McRoMusic and Music d20. If you like what they’ve done for this document, please consider checking out the rest of their work!

You can download the full PDF below, and if you want access to all of the assets found within (over a dozen maps, map assets, music tracks, and miniatures), please check out the paid version of this post.


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