Bard-Core Brawlers

Here are brand-new rules for turning D&D 5e combat into a musical competition between two groups who play simultaneously. Compete for the attention of the crowd, earn their favor, and play your heart out! Bard-Core Brawlers comes with everything you need to run a campy musical game, including:

  • An adventure to test drive the new rules!
  • A Character Sheet for your Band!
  • Three rival bands and their stat blocks!
  • Playlists for each Rival Band
  • A full-color PDF and a single-column tagged PDF
  • Your band’s new manager, a handsome gnome named Mick Nesbitt
An illustration of a red-haired gnome with a yellow spotted bow tie, a messy plaid jacket, a green vest, and a white undershirt. He smiles as though he's up to something.

This product is priced at $4.95


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