Catalogue of Wondrous Treasures: Volume 2

Humans and dwarves, little folk and elves, beings of all creeds and colors! Krepolegion’s Magic Warehouse proudly brings to you its second volume of objets de magie for the 5th edition of one of the oldest and greatest roleplaying games in the WORLD …

Within this tome you will find over two dozen newly discovered magical items and artifacts for GMs to add to their campaigns:

  • Ægishjálmr
  • Aphrodite’s Dagger
  • Armbands of Might
  • Bard’s Ring
  • Bead of Little Impact
  • Bow of Steadiness
  • Charlatan’s Ring
  • Expandable Ladder
  • Flatbox
  • Gauntlets of Proficiency
  • Keller’s Walking Staff
  • Lantern of Infinite Burning
  • Magic Markers
  • Monk’s Ring
  • Potion of Dumb Luck
  • Potion of Luck
  • Ring of Health
  • Rocksplitter
  • Sorcerer’s Ring
  • Still-Beating Heart
  • Tome of Recording
  • Totem Kilt
  • Wand of Focus
  • Weapon of Disruption
  • Whetstone of Sharpness
  • Winged Hammer

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