Dystopian Schoolhouse Battle Map

What happens to our schoolouses after the apocalpse? Where can your players hide out during the aftermath of a nuclear war? Or a zombie takeover? What dystopian nightmare at the end of civilization do you need to prepare for?

Great for “Fallout” and “Walking Dead” fans, this map gives your players a safe haven – or a dangerous ambush zone – in this single battle map set with optional layers to customize your game play.

  • With or without burned out roof rafters
  • With or without shool buses

11″ x 16″Printable PDFs of all variants, with and without grid. PNG included of rafters and buses.

Jpegs of the same for VTT

Keep it spooky

11” x 8” (5’ grid included)

Print at full scale.

This product is priced at $2.00


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