Heroic Tales Core Rules

Heroic Tales is a genre-neutral role playing game of heroic problem solving. It utilizes a rules-lite, narrative, team-based, scene-level, dice pool challenge resolution system.

  • Narrative — Heroic Tales focuses on the flow of the story more than the tactical decisions of the characters. Its mechanics are designed to interrupt the narrative as little as possible.
  • Rules-light — the basic mechanics are simple and straight-forward. It’s easy to learn and well suited to beginning players, kids, and people who just want less crunch in their system.
  • Team-based — other systems are primarily geared toward individual character actions. Heroic Tales is explicitly team-based, and the group will succeed or fail as a team.
  • Scene-level — most other systems resolve conflict at the level of a task, or individual action. Heroic Tales resolves challenges at the level of a scene, collecting the actions of multiple characters into a single roll.
  • Dice pool — players roll a set of six-sided dice (d6) in order to determine the results of their choices.

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