Last Little Wonders

In a world where nothing matters anymore, you have only one goal: become happy.

Last Little Wonders is a ponderous game about the end of the world. You play as the last surviving people on this planet after a devastating cataclysm, and the empty world is your oyster. Surviving in an endless winter is hard, and supplies are scarce, but it doesn’t mean there is only doom and gloom. On the contrary, if nothing matters, suddenly, being happy is your only objective.

Enjoy the simple life that a world without civilization offers and the little joys that no one will ever experience after you’re gone. The world is essentially one great playground, yours for the taking. Try to find supplies and survive while trying to have fun on the way and get to a destination you set yourself.

However, all things come to an end. This game can have only one possible ending, and you must be prepared for it and embrace it. Death is not a punishment; it is simply an end. 

I hope your characters can leave this world with a smile on their lips.

Cover art by Aaron Burden (Unsplash), edited by me

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