The Town of Montalla

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Montalla is built around an old mine that has long been abandoned. When the mine seemed exhausted they stopped operating and moved on to look for a new mine. What remained of the mining village grew into the town it is today. 

The town is built into the mountain and consists of several levels. It is run by Count Fentego who lives in the manor located in the upper town. The courtyard also serves as the training ground for the town’s recruits. These are drilled to be fierce warriors who are then sold as mercenaries, sometimes to local lords, other times across the borders to fight in foreign wars.

Recently a group of adventurers have bought the mine and started operating again. The mine is believed to be exhausted and when asked what these folk are looking for they respond with vague answers. They’ve been at it for weeks and haven’t been seen retrieving any valuables, yet they can be heard day and night, hard at work. 

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